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  1. Never Bored Always happy
    The guy who created this game is a genius because this game is a very good game what ever it happends if I'm sad or angry or happy all I just do is get my phone play Legends and it always puts a smile on my face.... whoever made this game is a genius congrats for whoever created this game. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  2. Great game!
    Simply the best soccer game out there: all what a soccer fan would like to experience abou matches, expectations, environment of the players etc. Really nice!
  3. Never bored
    I've started playing flick kick before and was wondering when are they coming up with a proper game based on the same mechanics. Well, now they do. You can just sit for a good half hour waiting for friends, planes, meetings and have decent fun.
  4. Good
    It's a really good addictive soccer game.
  5. Great
    Best soccer game out there for free.
  6. Impressive
    Just amazed by the amount of effort put into this game. It's amazing and well worth the price. My favourite football game on the iPhone, not just for the gameplay but also for how well it's written. The quirky dialogues and scenarios put this game a tier above the others.
  7. 5 out of 5 stars
    This game is super addictive and super fun but One concern I have is that it keeps on asking me to win $5000 when I don't want to do that
  8. Super fun!
    Easy to pick up and great for killing a few minutes here and there
  9. Fun game but lags
    Really cool game... but every end of game it starts to lag and becomes really painful to play. Please fix that.
    Just add a career mode and this game would be the best
  11. Great addition to make game better
    I liked flick kick but always hoped they would improve it to be more diverse and challenging. This is an awesome concept and very addictive to play. Keep up the improvements and keep adding character and style to the game. Maybe country specific themes or more rivalry competition between clubs in story mode? I loved that movie "Green Street Hooligans" as cheesy as it may have seemed to real club fans. Club fans would add a different dimension to the game too!
  12. Fun quick games
    My son recommended the game and I have enjoyed playing it so far.
  13. Awesome
    So fun! It's very interesting to open packs Great job!
  14. Good game
    It's a good game but with all kicking games like these, you'll have a lack of accuracy.
  15. Great game
    Easy to play and great for passing time
  16. Fun!
    I love this game!!it challenges your hand eye coordination on a low level at times which is awesome! Plus the storylines are pretty cool.
  17. Addicting
    It makes me feel passionate for soccer
  18. Addicting, only one flaw
    I love the game but you have to wait for the energy to regenerate, typical freemium stuff....other than that it's super fun.
  19. Great game!
    Barely any ads and the gameplay is smooth!
  20. Simple. Fun.
    Everything good about a Game to spend some time playing on your iphone. Easy, not too overly complicated and fun.


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