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  1. Just as great as Happy Hop!
    I got Sweet Sins right after I discovered Happy Hop because they were made by the same developers, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although Happy Hop is still my favorite, I think this little gem of a game is also worth five stars. Here are the good parts that I specially appreciate about the game. •It is kawaii •It is free •I haven’t seen any glitches •It offers character customization •It is simple and fun Overall you should definitely get this game and while you’re at it just download Happy Hop as well. Thank me later peeps.
  2. Adorable, Adictive Fun!
    Platonic Games has the best and yet cutest games you could ever find on the App Store! And I can say that because I have been playing this all day long! Most fifth- graders would probably not like the things I like but this game is one of the best games EVER!!! Same with Happy Hop! This review is for both games and in my opinion, they are AMAZING! Keep up the good work, Platonic Games! :D
  3. Best Game Ever!!
    I love this game. I’m in love with this super Kawaii game!
  4. Love it!
    This game is awesome! It’s kawaii, fun and addictive.
  5. Great (but some glitches)
    I absolutely love Platonic Games. It started with HappyHop. I played that game every day multiple times and was obsessed. At first I downloaded their other games for the miimos, but then I got more into Sweet Sins than anything. I'm in love with the character design and concept. I also love HappyHop. All of their games are beautifully made, but they do get a little repetitive. It's hard to not be with a phone game though. I often experience trouble with not getting saved after using a video save me, and sometimes the game will crash, but altogether it's amazing
  6. Epic!
    This adorable,cute,joyful game has me addicted! I don’t really write reviews much but the game was so good I couldn’t resist!!!
  7. I like this game?
    I like the game cause it's about you being a only of the sims and I love that!!
  8. Sweet sins ups and down
    I live this app! My friend and I play it all the time. The fact that it is a little repetitive makes me tuned down a little. But trying to get stars and characters is fun!
  9. A Truly Stunning Game
    I started with Happy Hop, and then I found this game. And I instantly fell in love. Most games I’m a little reluctant to spend money, but these prices seem fair, and they since it’s developed by a two person team, I’m happy to pay for things I like. I highly recommend this game, as it is really fun, addictive, and the art is super cute and adorable. This game has little power ups, and lots of the characters from Happy Hop. So if your looking for a casual, addictive, adorable game, this is the one for you! Keep up the work Platonic!
    This is the most adorable, amazing game I've ever played! Keep up the good work
  11. Deadly kawaii
    So kawaii the game lagg a bit but it's really fun tho!
  12. Yyyaaaassssss
    I loved this game so much I started daydreaming that I was a character in that game but I don't understand why the girl on the front cover is not wearing a shirt and you can see her buzums but in the game she is wearing a top.
  13. Cool
    So fun and addicting love ❤️ Sloth! Also it's very cool you made your Miimo charms on Etsi .
  14. Cute, but ADS
    Really cute but ads sometimes don't play
  15. Get This Game!
    I love this game! It's cute, it's fun, it's something to do when you're bored. My only complaints are it's slightly glitchy and there's too many things you have to buy and you can't win them. Overall it's pretty entertaining and if you're on the fence about it you can get it and always delete it later. ^-^
  16. Seriously
    When is the new character gonna come out, she seems lit
  17. Super cute.
    I play this game a lot, it's a bit addicting. Although if I'm being honest I'm writing this review just to unlock a color lol
  18. Great game!
    I'm having lots of fun with this game. And the characters.
  19. Really addicting game
    I love this game and I've been addicted to it ever since I downloaded it. Unlike other games of its kind, it feels like the "premium" content is easier to unlock and I love that. I also love how many little pet things there are to choose from. I just wish that after you unlocked Team Kawaii, that you could edit the little pets all at one time, or not just have to change the third one. Otherwise this game is great!
  20. Lovely & Addictive Kawaii Chaos!! ♥︎
    It's so addictive(in a good way)! I love how cute the style is and the concept of the game in general is really awesome, I love this game to bits, keep up the great work~! <3


What`s new

# Fixed synchronization with Happy Hop! <3
# Brand new Cloud system to keep your Miimos safe ^-^
# Fixed many bugs and performance issues :D