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  1. Enjoyable
    I really like the pace and interaction with the fish.
  2. Best fish game
    The best way to own fish. Lol
  3. Frustrating
    I HATE that you only get five lives at a time. Especially when you are working on a challenging level. Just let me play! I've noticed when I lose my 5 lives I come back to the game later and later each time. Probably just delete it here soon.
  4. Fishdom
    Great game fish are entertaining lots of fun
  5. Fun
    Just started playing this game so far its been fun.
  6. Mikmatt80
    Love this game just run out of gems too fast!!!
  7. Play with my grandkids
    My grandchildren love this game! We play together!
  8. Fish dome
    I been enjoying playing the game, but it takes so long In playing some games. I do enjoy watching videos for free diamonds, love feeding the fishes. Thanks for the game.v l well not play the game until l can feed the fishes in my first fish aquarium.
  9. Fishdom
    I really enjoy playing this game. I have had no issues so far and I would recommend this game to my friends. Awesome!! Keep up the good work.
  10. Addicting!
    Day 2 of playing this game (which I came across by accident) and I absolutely love it. Very addicting. Highly recommend.
  11. Great, Creative Game
    Many great features, funny unique decorations for your aquarium; not forced to spend a ton of money to advance; puzzles are challenging but not impossible. The only negative is the rewards, when you earn an infinity it would be nice to be able to play it when you have the time, instead of losing it because you need to leave for work. I'd give it five stars if not for that flaw as I really enjoy this game
  12. Surprisingly fun game!
    I like this game with the calming aquarium theme. It's a fun twist on the match 3, 4, or 5 pieces game.
  13. Addictive
    This is a fantastic game and I love too sit back and relax with the game. It's easy to use. My 4-year old granddaughter also plays the game with me. We enjoy spending time with each other and this is one way we can do it thanks to the developers.Her eye hand coordination has become quite exceptional as well as her acknowledgement of patterns is outstanding.
  14. Challenging, Creative, and Charming
    Fishdom is by far the best matching game available. The levels are increasingly challenging with new obstacles added all the time. I'm on level 801 and have never had to spend real money to get items or to continue play. Five lives last a long time in this game once you develop skill in making matches. The only part about the game that is played with chance is the shell game and I have earned far more diamonds and bombs than the small amount of coins offered under just 2 of the 9 shells. The scenery and themes of the tanks are exceptionally creative, fun, and challenging as well. Points are earned for various items placed in a tank and the points add up to unlocking stars. Three stars unlocked and another tank opens. The fish are charmingly detailed and have unique personalities. They can be named either with an automatically generated name or a name can be made up for each one. This game is the total package of matching games with all aspects requiring strategies that must change with new challenges as they are added. You will not be able to "figure this out" once and apply that same strategy on levels that follow. Be prepared to think in terms of how to make bombs instead of how to clear blocks when you get to higher levels. It makes a difference when there are 100+ blocks to clear, oil spills taking over, squids hoping towards net, metal barriers preventing matches, and icebergs freezing spaces. I'm looking forward to 801 more levels and beyond. (Previously, I've never played the same game for more than a month. This is a keeper!!)
  15. Fun but slow if you don't want to pay
    I like the fish tank aspect but I refuse to spend money on these games.
  16. So Far, So Fun
    So far it's pretty fun...the real test is when my son asks to play
  17. Excelente Juego
    Es muy divertido y retante. Si quieres ganar debes acumular los premios obtenidos o adquiridos . No tienes que invertir dinero. Sé les gustara.
  18. Lots of Fun BUT...take 2
    July 2017 update: everything I said below still stands. I have just taken probably 2 weeks to complete a level-just to get to where I thought I could keep playing for 5 turns for spending 9 diamonds, I believe, but NO, didn't quite make it. Had then to spend an additional 12 diamonds for 1 last turn to complete the level. Too much! And I am hesitant to play because of that. Not playing as much! Make it easier to get through levels! Give more diamonds and extras. Like the game premise and is great fun! So cute-the different fish and their personalities! But diamonds are too hard to acquire and go way too fast! Can't afford to constantly pay! Also, bombs are not enough and usually in the wrong area. Firecrackers don't do anything. So game is difficult to get through. I play the same level OVER and OVER...pretty soon I'm going to get tired of that!
  19. More fun than others
    Fine match three type of puzzle game, with cute graphics and plenty of levels. There are some levels I've encountered that seem designed to cause the user to invest in 'gems' to meet the level objectives. That becomes frustrating, but its overall a fun game that I play almost daily.
  20. Don't like
    I hate Games that make you have to buy everything to play them!!!!


What`s new

Get ready for a fall Fishdom update!

- Decorate the mysterious Pumpkin Street aquarium in this holiday event!
- Earn Pumpkins in levels and exchange them for decorations and terrifyingly cute fish!
- Collect all of the Halloween decorations to win boosters, thematic decorations, and a special background element!

- Complete tasks in this exciting Thanksgiving event!
- Get a reward for every task you complete and win the grand prize—the Turkey Fish and her chicks!

- A new Weekend in Germany aquarium and 17 thematic decorations!
- Two new fish: Warrior Fish and Bavarian Fish.
- A new match-3 element: Nets. Remove them to beat levels!

We hope you enjoy the new update!
Have fun playing!