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  1. Fun puzzle platformer
    The gravity-switching gameplay is easy to learn and control, but finding and following alternate routes through each bite-sized stage will test your wit and skill.
  2. Creative and addictive
    I really enjoyed this game because it was set at a nice level of difficult that steadily increased as the game progresses. I also thought it was a fairly creative and original platformer that brought a new kind of game play to the genre.
  3. A Great Surprise
    Fun, Challenging gameplay. He/She is so cute!
  4. Quirky and intelligent
    Fun little game keeps changing up every level and it's super cute. No problems with it really it doesn't need wifi either haha!
  5. Creative and challenging
    Each stage is fresh and difficult. Clever challenging and beautifully executed.
  6. Amazing
    It had me at the first level I love this game it's puzzles and its complexity and I really fell in love ili.
  7. Entretenido
    Está bien para pasar los ratos libres
  8. Wonderful game
    No complaints wonderful game with a great concept thanks for the experience
  9. Yay!
    I like it, so I'ma keep playing it! This review won't help anybody, but I'm happy to contribute my 5 stars!
  10. Pretty good actually
    The game kinda looked lame but I decided to download it cause it was app of the week. Turns out the games really cool. Although it takes just about everything you got to nail the jumps just wright so the game isn't going to help relieve stress but it's a really great game. Its not worth spending money to get. I've seen much better games like this before and the other games are free so I recommend looking for a different game unless you like no ADS. The game has no ads so that's nice and if you see an advantage to buy it then go for it. It entertains little kids and teaches them a lot of useful tips. Well that's all I have to say. FOR NOW
  11. Great!
    Illi is a truly one of a kind game.
  12. Really fun and challenging game!
    The cool art and music are also really nice
  13. Cute, soothing and addictive
    Not a game I get mad at even after failing many times. The visuals and sound effects always keep me happy enough to keep going. Fair and fun puzzles
  14. Addicting...
    What a great little app! The puzzles are just hard enough to make it a pleasant challenge, yet not so difficult that I feel there's no hope I'll ever discover a solution. Often times I'll leave one or more of the three goals unsolved, to give myself a break, then come back to a particular level with a fresh perspective. So far, so good! The developers were genius in their relative simplicity - nice job!
  15. Very cute
    The sounds are what make this game for me. They're so cute and I've fallen in love with my little cat-slug thing. The puzzles are also quite fun, challenging but not unbearably so. Failing a level isn't infuriating, it's just motivation to keep trying. It does however make me quite sad because it's comically brutal. But all in all I'm quite fond of this little game.
  16. Similar to Leo's fortune....
    This game was really fun and addictive, and really similar to Leo's fortune ( a previous free app of the week) great job with the graphics and jumps mixed in with this game!
  17. Illi has a fantastic art style, simple controls, and plenty of thought puzzles
    This is a game that will fill your extra time. There are 60 levels that all take some thinking to complete, yet aren't puzzling enough to stump you. My only gripe is the quest repetitiveness. Id love to see a larger variety of quests implemented. More levels would be nice too, maybe in a DLC pack
  18. Truly Unique
    I hesitate to call this game a puzzle platformer. There is no gravity in this game, with illi constantly flipping direction. Though the rules aren't what we normally expect in a game, they do make sense, and are consistent once you get used to them. The game is challenging, but not frustrating at the same time. The levels themselves are easy to clear, but completing the bonus challenges - like getting every crystal, beating it in limited time/jumps, getting so many seconds of air time, or clearing rubble off the planet - can prove more than difficult. The balance of optional challenge and easy levels makes the game feel very fair - something some games lack. I wouldn't have given this game a second glance if it wasn't free app of the week, but now that I've tried it, I'm so glad I did. The gameplay and art style go great together, and the music (or atmospheric noises) set a relaxing mood as well. illi has become one of my favorite apps very quickly.
  19. Very Entertaining!
    Well done. Been playing this for hours and it's yet to get old.
  20. Truly wonderful game!
    I first noticed this as the Free App of the Week and managed to play through all 60 levels and complete every single goal within a matter of days. It was a truly immersive experience that really got me thinking, and the fluid animations, unique art style, and excellent level design made me want to come back to it all the more. The only possible complaint I could have is that I wish there was more! It felt almost unfinished when I completed that sixtieth level, and I feel like there's a lot more room for level expansion and even story. illi as a character has a unique and mysterious design, and it would be amazing to learn more about who illi is and the scenery and surroundings illi navigates through. (What is the factory? Where did the rubble come from? Where is illi trying to go? etc.) Regardless, I'm happy to have discovered and played through such an interesting, well-designed, and underrated platformer, and I look forward to playing it over again if I ever do. Thank you for making it!


What`s new

illi now speaks 7 different languages. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Small visual bugs have been fixed.