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  1. Fun but glitches frequently
    This is a fairly fun game and I really appreciate that it doesn’t make you watch an ad between levels. However it glitches fairly frequently. You clear some pieces from the board and it gets stuck. You can see that you are touching things but it never replaces the cleared pieces and must be restarted.
  2. So addicting. Can’t stop playing.
    This game is so addicting. The combination of sound effects, colors and fruits just make me sit on my butt and play for hours. Some levels are so hard and take me days to finish though. I love the occasional unlimited lives because some levels are so tough. But overall this game is ten times better than Candy Crush, or any other similar games. Though an issue I keep on running into is every time I update, the game loads slower and slower on my older phone. I know there are updates to the game but sometimes it’s a bit sad to see my phone lagging when I play. I wish the Light Up the Board levels would go away though. The combination of dark background, colorful fruits, stripes (on moving pieces), and lightning is so incredibly busy. Sometimes Mango shows I have one more piece I need to light up, but it takes me a few minutes to find that piece because it’s so busy. I really hate these levels because they’re hard on my eyes. I’d gladly play a really hard level that isn’t a Light of the Board type—even when they’re hard, they’re not frustrating. Also, every time I fail a level, I feel like there are a lot of pop ups before replaying. There are two pop ups to ask if I’m sure I want to quit or pay coins to play, then another two pop ups when I just want to restart. It’s a lot of clicking after a level.
  3. Juice jam
    Some levels are too hard. Have to use too many coins! Might have to delete even though I like it.
  4. Variety etc.
    I like JJ because it offers good variety in the games. Also, the games can be won but some are harder and provide a good challenge. Prizes continue to be offered when you win and who doesn’t love the cool little girl with the blue hair?
  5. Upgrade problems with screen
    Since the iOS 11 upgrade, the full screen does not appear. Can you fix this?
  6. i love this game
    i love this game im on level 651! it's so much fun
  7. How do I earn money
    I play this game all the time and complete each level with 2 or 3 stars. However I don't earn any coins for completing these levels. I have to buy coins all the time. How come u guys don't give anything for passing a level?
  8. Lost DON’T GET THIS GAME!! lives, coins and boosters DON’T GET THIS GAME!!
    Update to below... It has been several weeks since I had the below issue and still have not gotten a response to my last email to support. I spent a lot of money on this game and truly enjoyed playing it. It is highly disappointing that a company would keep your money and not try to help a long time customer. HIGHLY disappointed in how they handle their business. Don’t waste your money with them because if you have an issue they will rob you of any money you have spent with them. I would give them no starts if I could simply because of this issue. I bought a new phone and when everything was transferred over I lost everything. I reached out to customer service and got the typical response of turn this off, add this but of course that did not resolve the issue. I have foolishly spent a ton of money on this game by buying coins and boosters and it’s all gone.
  9. Super juicy jam
    Totally love this game. Great graphics, fun and challenging but not frustratingly challenging. Highly recommend this game
  10. Engaging and challenging
    A completely addictive game that's a wonderful time waster
  11. Love It.
    It starts off easy but gets super challenging out of nowhere. 9/10
  12. Need new levels sooner!!!
    Luv this game but the levels finishers too quickly ! Need more levels so I can enjoy ALL of the perks that the game has to offer!!!
  13. Love it
    I love this game this is part of my downtime love it
  14. Favorite game
    I’ve been juice jamming for months, I’m on level 2500 and I’m unfortunately waiting for new levels. This is my favorite game plz add more levels
  15. No response from support
    Two weeks after submitting requests there is no response but some generic line that doesn’t help.
  16. Great game
    I’m 68 yrs old and I find this game easy for me to learn and play. I love it because it’s hard but not so hard I can’t figure it out. I play it all the time , everywhere.
  17. Rockets aren’t being counted
    Hi. Love the game for past 2 years almost Puzzle. Fun. Cute. Addictive. But this weeks challenge in collecting rockets isn’t working. I make them but they aren’t being accumulated. Can u look into this? Thanks
  18. Great game...
    This is a great game to completely occupy time. The only thing is that it doesn’t always count your rockets towards the challenge. Other than that an excellent game.
  19. Papaya is the worst
    I hate papaya give back Valentino I love splat the cat it's fun I hate feeding a stupid cat I love splatting them if he doesn't come back so I can splat him I am never playing again when he is gone I'm a sadsumbrero if I can splat him again I would be a gladsumbrero again but until then no juice jam for me get rid of papaya and bring back splat the cat. Also will my suggestion be implemented? Please say yes so I can be a gladsumbrero give me Valentino I hate papaya I want to splat the cat
  20. Weird
    I luv this game but I just updated the app and now I have to start from the beginning!!! I was in the upper 700 levels and back to level 1. Im not playing this game anymore because of that which is a bummer.


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