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  1. Ms
    This game isn't fun anymore since making changes a few months ago.
  2. Monopoly
    Still like your game but STILL CRASHING toooooo often Like your game, BUT lately it is crashing tooooo often and you are not refunding losses.
  3. Ok but
    Just like the rest, all about the money. No way to sustain without cash. Uninstalled
  4. Great
    If you like bingo this is for you.
  5. Monopoly bingo
    I love to play this with my family it is fun and you never know what is coming up next.
  6. Fun but....
    Way too many required items, most of which do not rejuvenate over time. The game is sups fun though when I can play it.
  7. Collecting diamonds
    Every time I try to collect my diamonds I watch the video but it doesn’t give me my diamonds this makes me very disappointed
  8. Love this twist on bingo
    I pop in daily to collect my gems and dice. That way I can auto daub during tournaments!
  9. GREAT WAY TO RELAX!!! Love the improvements!!!
    But, difficult to win--often the last #daubed doesn't get credited ;-( Enjoy all the new games, & especially infinite power-ups when they're offered! However, still have problems w/crashing....REALLY ENJOY THE INFINITE POWER-UPS, WHICH ARE OCCASIONALLY GIVEN!
  10. My favorite game!
    Love this app! Wonderfully constructed and never have problems.
  11. Ganas más veces
    El juego es divertido. Ganas varios premios y no es tan difícil hacer bingo.
  12. FUN
    This bingo game is one my favorite ones to play! You are unable to play for long before having to quit due to of not having enough tickets to play. I hope you will try this game and have as much fun as I have playing it!
  13. Love this but...
    There’s gotta be more ways to earn dice! Waiting for dice takes too long, you can only earn dice from ads by watching 5 videos. Then when you unlock more rooms they require more dice and all that you’ve earned is gone. Please have more ways to earn dice!
  14. Love it!
    I love this game but wish dice were cheaper so I could buy them instead of having to wait days to play because I am letting them build up before playing. I love the fact that tournaments are cash and not dice. Highly recommend.
  15. Crashes
    Game is fun! But be careful spending $$ since the game crashes during play and you loose your dice and current winnings
  16. I love the thinking it makes me do
    Love the game~ I'm getting better at it!!
  17. HP
    I have given this app 5 stars before but am now lowering the stars to 2 because no matter how many squares you win, most all of the prizes go to HP. I would like to know what HP is and what it does for me. Nothing that I know of. Also, I have been playing in Marvin Gardens for over a month and still have not gotten one collection reward. Find this very odd for never had this happen before.
  18. Progress?
    I went ahead and deleted the game. After 3 device upgrades, the game fails to keep up. When you change a device, it fails to record your progress, achievements, etc., etc., etc. Though it’s a great game, I give it 2 thumbs down for keeping up with progress...
  19. Monopoly Bingo
    I enjoy MONOPOLY BINGO. Not as much as I once did, but, I continue to play hoping that you will make the required adjustments. When I play the tournament games, after each game the page goes black, and doesn't even show that I played game 1 unless I go back and return to play game 2. This goes on until I play game 3, then I don't see my final standing and it will not allow me to go to the next tournament. I have to leave MONOPOLY BINGO and go to a different game completely before going back to MONOPOLY BINGO. Not the end of the world, but frustrating.
  20. Monopoly bingo
    Fun games but cost to much to buy dice. Those of us on SSA like me have to collect bonuses every few days to play, a new game takes a little more dice to play. a lot of bad words glad there are no kids here


What`s new

- Opportunities to earn new types of rewards through watching video ads in different parts of the game!
- Various bug fixes.