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  1. Crappy
    It won't even work for me please fix it or is it just my phone I don't know
  2. Terrable
    Why is it waves if u are hunting that is not wat hunting was this game rushed
  3. AWESOME!!!
    Nice game I love the graphics in this game!
  4. Best survival game yet on iOS! But the fire button and campaign
    Graphics are okay but the gameplay is great. The waves are easy but full of dinos. But now the update has the fire button on the right side. It was better on the left but still a good game. Also the campaign should have different camping spots. Like for example: Level 1 in near the fire, level 2 is where the bushes are at. There should be different camping spots but still a good game.
  5. I love this game
    I love it and it's so fun to play. Recommend you get this game


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- minor fixes