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  1. Dragons world becoming boring.
    It starting becoming more difficult to breed dragons and get islands to put dragons on.
  2. Dragons Worlds
    The Ultimate farming Game like heyday try out heyday . Heyday is fun to
  3. Something important
    I think that the element amplifiers should actually make essence because amplifiers are so expensive should at least make some essence at a slow pace because it is just not worth buying an amplifier for like 8,000,000 gold just for barely any extra gold and I really ask this as a sincere request and I do love the game but this just really should be in the game so you do not take like a year just to save up on essences so you can by an island
  4. Disappointed
    This game is not fair, hardly impossible to breed any good dragon and they make you wait very long. Everything is time, they make you wait so long in hopes you'll start spending money to get ahead...also the battles are ridiculous. I have 3 rare 3 element dragons maxed out but somehow I keep getting matched against 4 element dragons that even at lower levels 1 of them will beat 2 of mine. I dropped down from 5 stars to 3. I'm very disappointed, I started playing years ago and stopped because of how unfair the game is and only recently after 3 hears I got back on but I'm literally stuck because I don't have any resources to unlock anything else. Come on you guys can do a little better and make this game fair.
  5. What I've learned over years of gameplay
    I've been playing this game before they introduced essences. It is nearly impossible to breed 4 type dragons, you can try and try for months, even years and you won't get one. It is literally impossible to breed all the dragons and the best ones in the game need to be bought. This usually wouldn't be a problem, but when you do the tournaments, all the best and bought dragons are three stars and can one hit KO any other dragon. It's a pay to win game. So I've stopped participating in tournaments altogether. Once they introduced essences and armor and amulets I thought, this might be kind of cool, until I realized the amount of dragons you need to split and how long it takes to get the essences you need. Essences are now a huge part of the game and you can't not get them if you want to evolve your dragons or get the next island or make armor or amulets or anything. They need to make getting essences faster by introducing another essence tower (maybe one per island cluster?) or decreasing the time it takes to split. Progress is very slow if you don't spend money. And I don't spend anything on little games like these. I have found this other dragon game I really like! It's called Dragonvale and not only do they want you to collect all the dragons, but they also expect you to. My mom plays that game and she's the highest level with 374/380 dragons. My aunt has all 380. And they haven't spent anything. I've only been playing that game for 3 months and I already have almost half the dragons. They also have fun mini games and multiple annual events. It's really fun when it's possible to win. Dragons world just leads you in circles down a money pit scheme until you get bored and give up. If they don't improve the game, they may lose all their once committed players, like me, to other, better games.
  6. Great game
    I love this game, the dragons are so cool looking. I just spend hours sometimes without even seeing the time pass playing this game.
  7. Glitchy
    There's a glitch with the armor. Like i switch the amor from my predatory dragon to steam and it disappeared. Please that
  8. Won't load
    This used to be my favorite game until it stopped loading. I thought it was my equipment so I deleted the app. A year later, I have the newest model iPhone with tons of memory and a super fast wifi connection and the game still won't load OR loads then freezes OR throws a "server error 1002" message every 10 seconds. It's totally unplayable so I've deleted it again. Grateful that I never spent actual money...although maybe if you do that, customer service will actually help you.
  10. Awesome
    This game is the best game ever
  11. Fun but glitchy
    It's fun to breed different dragons and take them to battle and watch them grow stronger. This game is however full of glitches. The game constantly freezes when I'm collecting coins on one of my islands so I have pretty much given up on collecting them from that island. Overall I enjoy the game but would not recommend until they figure out the freezing problem, it's just too frustrating. Please, please get this fixed.
  12. I like it
    The game is fun and I love the dragons designs. I love that I'm not forced to buy things like gems and coins every time I turn around. Overall it's a great game
  13. $50+ for a stupid dragon!!!!
    Great game until you decide you want a certain dragon or want to get a little ahead in the game because it's so slow moving. Just expect to dish out $50 or more to buy a decent dragon or island or something. If my money went further in this game I would I would buy things! I'll just spend my money elsewhere.
  14. Lit
    This game is lit be playing for a long time
  15. Fun but ...
    It's a really fun game but for starters during tournament season my only opponent options are people on MUCH higher levels than me and i lose A LOT and it's irritating because it's really hard to make a lot of points and get high rankings for better rewards. Also I did pretty good during this week's tournament and it just ended a few hours ago and i NEVER got an option to collect my rewards. So now for the 2nd of 3rd time I don't get any rewards for the tournament and that makes me annoyed cuz I put a lot of time into those
  16. Buggy
    I play this game every day and love it. However, every time I have to reload several times because it crashes before I can do anything. The same thing happens with each new update, which are few and far between. I would rate it 5 stars if the developers would actually fix the bugs.
  17. Good or bad?not sure...
    I have played this game for 2 years at least, and I am at level seventeen. I have never spent money on any games and never will. The game is okay, but it FOREVER to do ANYTHING. You should try it!
  18. Fix it......
    I've been playing for two months, was working fine at first. Then I updated it now it works like crap, every time I get ready to do battle it throws me out of the game... Now it won't even let me in it just throws me right back out.... What a waste of great graphics....
  19. Well made game, good long-term playability
    I've been playing this for at least two years and always enjoyed it. It has nice graphic detail and you can zoom in really close. Challenging but you can still play without spending money if you want to. Playing every day gives you some cool rewards. Intermittent quests and the tournaments add interest. Altogether it's a world that's been a lot of fun to be a part of!
  20. I Love It
    I've been playing this game since 2013 and still addicted. I Spent 200$ plus and don't regret it at all! Amazing job!


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Soon you'll be able to access the Library! In it you can buy valuable books and use them to upgrade your pets' skills. It's a great way to make your dragons healthier, better and stronger!
What's new:
New building – Library
3 types of rare Books
New options for quality upgrades for your dragon!