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  1. Help
    I can't get the items to my suite! I love the items and would like to get them.:)
  2. Please fix this!!!!
    When I try to send clothes to stardoll it says theres a connection error.. same with all "Cut It" apps :( Fashion Inc is the only one that sends clothes.
  3. Suite issues
    None of the Cut It games will send my items to my suite. That really needs fixing.
  4. Exploit
    Look, the game is hard and the obstacles are hard to avoid with it. But there is an exploit that makes the game VERY easy to beat, if you hit an obstacle or an enemy you'll re spawn with invincibility, so you can go with all hazards! But invincibility lasts like 3 seconds so you won't completely break the game.
  5. 
    CupcakeParty1234 the game is not impossible im on level 25 and just keep trying BEST GAME EVER
  6. Nice!
    it is hard but trust me, if u really try u will get past all the levels. If u like this game u should play the other cut it games.
  7. Ummm...
    I like the game, but... IT'S SO HARD!!!! I can't get pass level 21!!! Is it even POSSIBLE?!?!?!? I've been on that level for SO LONG, I just wanna throw my iPod against the wall!!!! Please respond!!!!
  8. Omg :,(
    Ok, at first this game was fun, then when the harder levels came they started having me lose lives for no apparent reason. And when my four year old cousin tried and t did that she cried!
  9. It's ok
    All three cut it games chooses my directions and doesn't let me choose and I know it's not only my iPod because it happens on my phone too but i do enjoy connecting it to my stardoll account.
  10. Cut it !
    Is a good game and i onñy put 4 start because the game isn't in spanish
  11. Suite
    It sends to my suite perfectly you idiots!! I don't know what the heck your talking about you shouldn't be complaining when it works it works FINE FOR ME IT SHOULD FOR YOU so it is working for you liars!! Anyway level 13 is kinda tricky with that speed bear
  12. It keeps killing me randomly
    It keeps killing me randomly since I updated it its okay besides that
  13. I LOVE this game!!!
    I don't get what everyone's problem with this app.hello?people?it crashes?so far......never on mine.and I played it all night.totally fun.
  14. ......
    I got frustrated with one level and I couldn't pass it. I deleted the game...
  15. Best game
    I my so fun so fun.luv it
  16. Hard levels
    I can't get past level 13! It is impossible to finish it, and right when I was getting addicted to the game. If you know how to pass the level, plz tell me! Until then, I'll just get the other cut it apps. Cause I'm addicted to this game!
  17. Crashes
    It crashes every time I go on it! Fix it!!
  18. Good Game!
    I love this game! Some people say it crashes though and it does occasionally... maybe fix it in the new update? It's super fun and if you have a Stardoll you get free jewelry ! If you want to play the other packs it costs $0.99, so it's not completely free but I still love it! ~SuperEmmanem
  19. Crash
    It was ok until it started crashing fix it
  20. Boring
    Don't get this game!you will regret it!!!!


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