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  1. Disappointing
    I'm a big worms fan, but this installment just isn't worth five bucks. The graphics look crappy compared to 2 and 3. Even though it's standard practice for ios and android games at this point, the micro transactions really ruin the worms series. I hope Team17 learns from its mistakes.
  2. Crashes
    It crashes a lot, please fix my dood.
  3. Amazing
    Your game is awesome make worms 5
  4. Great game!!!
    This game is very good and I play it with my friend all the time. The only reason I am rating it for rather than 5 is because of the lack of customization in multiplayer.
  5. I really like this new worms mode
    Im a old worms player and I like this new version but I'm only going to rated 3 stars until they bring the classic touch controls.
    Great game for whatever moment you have. Great also when on vacation and you need a little laugh.. Thank you for such a Great game!!!
  7. I don't like it
    I like worms 2 were the worms are not so blocky and you have a practice game
  8. Love it
    Prob one of my top fav mobile games
  9. Great game but broken lately
    The daily challenges haven't given loot chests in over a week. Otherwise it's a great game. My only question is why the direction buttons are now each tiny joysticks instead of having only one direction per button. This makes game play frustrating at times
  10. I like it
    Very easy to play and great entertainment!!!
  11. Refund please.
    As soon as I selected the first level, the game crashed. It doesn't even work. I would like a refund.
  12. Worms!!!
    I love this game. Been playing for years; awesome.
  13. Too bad Team17 does NOT care
    Just a bunch of crap with bugs all over that we don't try to fix. Oh and no support means we DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS with our products, just stop buying from us!!!
  14. Horrible
    Nothing like Worms used to be, thoroughly disappointed and would very much like a refund. I feel like I was robbed for $4.99.
  15. Preferred Worms 3
    Not the same quality/gameplay that was present in worms3.
  16. Loving it!
    The app is fantastic! Very entertaining, and fun levels. But... some of the crate collects can be annoying.
  17. So disappointed
    This game makes me want to kill my self
  18. Decent but could've been magnificent!
    The game engine is great after you get used to it. Lots of fun in campaign mode. Cool upgrade system where you can specialize your team and make them better with weapon upgrades you earn. So.. I have a lot of fun with the campaign, I build up a solid little team, I'm ready to pwn in multiplayer and... it's a total letdown disappointment! :( I try to find random opponents and, most of the time, it comes up empty. I had 2 or 3 games with other people, some got disconnected. I "convince" my s.o. to install the game. We link it to FB. I see her in a list of friends to invite and I can't play with her for some reason! I'm sitting next to her and the game tells me she's "unavailable". She clicks on my name and it tells her I'm "unavailable." Quite comical. It's a shame cuz the engine itself is very well done and the experience could've been magnificent. So far, I'm stuck with my awesome team, unable to really play anyone else. Love the worms franchise but 3 stars for the deep emotional disappointment here :) plz fix it
  19. It crashes every few seconds!
    Wish I could play, but it keeps crashing, don't waste your money.
  20. Worms
    What a classic. This game is epic. You can't go wrong with worms, and I'm glad they didn't cheese it out like most iPhone games. A little bit slow waiting for Ai worms to get done but not too bad


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