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  1. Not compatible with iPhone X
    I had fun playing it on my iPad but on my iPhone X is force closing once I try to open it.
  2. Dam
    Love this game but I keep getting an error code when I try to connect to pvp. Error code : M5
  3. Great game
    Awesome game just wondering if you plan on a F4U Corsair line that would be cool as hell. Throw a F4F and F6F in little wildcat and hellcat action be nice. Oh and if you do that line could you do a Marine Corp era paint scheme for the F4U Corsair. Other then that overall great game
  4. Error code D5
    I've uninstall and reinstall the game and it doesn't work I was playing this game fine and leveled up pretty decently but now I can't even get back online wth?
  5. #1 retarded game of year award should go to this game
    This game is the dumbest wast of time ever! I have a iPhone 6 and it works perfectly fine and I decided to get this game. When loads after 20 hours it loads again and gets to 100% and says error please delete cache files the reload them... WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU RETARDS TALKING ABOUT?! then I hit retry and nothing happens . I clear the app then press it and then it kicks me out of app so I need to use App Store to get in and watch loading screen. I did this 20 times and I get this the same time. I'm not gonna wait for 5 hours just do use my phone over a retarded game... how about you guys make a working game ? Is that to hard for you people??? Apparently it is... how disappointing... also I've played ur other games and they work fine so how about you fix this!
  6. No workee on iPhone X
    App doesn’t open after I got my new phone.
  7. Okay, but has issues
    Fun game but it seems that the match ups are sometimes one sided. I had a much better plane in the match yet got shot down by much weaker aircraft. It seems that like many games they want you to spend to really win otherwise how could an aircraft 2 levels lower shoot me down?
  8. No customer service, rigged league play
    As a game it’s ok for a while. The most lacking are is customer service, I had a $.99 purchase isssue that took two weeks to get a response “ reset the game please “. Since then I have sent in three problems/issues without even a received notice. The other issue is the current league. It alllows the people that have finished the whole ladder to replay over again. This mean that my planes are flying at times against the very best planes/players in the game. These planes are so superior to what is average that they should never get matched up. I won’t drop another dime on this game. Add... there is no customer service, I have qualified for free xp-40 plane twice and have reported the issue three time in two difff ways, no response.
  9. 5 Star Game, Not iPhone X Compatible
    Loved this game on my iPhone 7+... disappointed to find it doesn’t open on my iPhone X... Looking forward to changing from a 1 Star rating back to a 5 Star rating... EDIT: On Friday Nov 3rd the iPhone X released... on Saturday Nov 4th I discovered War Wings crashes when you open it & I posted the above... on Monday Nov 6th the developer responded that they’ll resolve this “soon” in their next update... I dunno that “soon” is soon enough... this should’ve been discovered prior to the iPhone X release, or at least resolved within a week of the Phone launching... on to the next game in the App Store, I guess... EDIT: It’s Nov 18th and I still can’t open this App on my iPhone X... I was playing on my iPhone 7+ which I still own, but now that I only carry my iPhone X around I’m disappointed that this problem hasn’t been resolved and am now uninstalling this App...
  10. Best yet!!
    Give up your life if you start playing this lol
  11. Zero stars
    Clunky and hung up before I got my name in. Top shelf garbage
  12. Not iphone X compatible
    Played this game in the morning but after upgrading from my 8plus the game instantly crashes. Went back to the phone store and every iPhone X won’t run this version.
  13. Pretty good but room for improvement
    Overall a very good game. Don’t have to spend money to have the full experience of someone who did. My biggest problem is in order to get any sort of practice you have to go into quick play, but if you just bought the plane your flying or not on your game,etc. then your gonna do bad and not get many kills if any and this will bring down your average kill per game number. I suggest that you put in the game some sort of training grounds where you can fight against bots and it won’t affect any of your stats.
  14. Crashes at start iOS 11 & iPhone X
    I have this game for about 3 months and enjoyed playing a lot. When I moved to iPhone X, it started crashing at the splash screen. I have iOS 11.1.1. The reason i am writing here is I can’t open the app and couldn’t find another way to reach the developers. I’ll update my review after this problem is fixed.
  15. Adrenaline driving game
    One of the best I have played so far. Good and smooth simulation. Great texture models.
  16. Doesn’t work on iPhone X with latest updates
    Pretty much wasted money watching all my cup days tick away till they fix this. Giving it another week then uninstalling it for good
  17. Fun at first but ruined by glitch
    I liked the game a lot and even spent $20 to buy gold so I could get a p-51 my favorite plane, but then today I logged on to find that all the work I had done was gone and all my planes have disappeared. It still shows that I earned all the other planes I had, but it no longer allows me to use them. Overall I’m very disappointed. I feel like I deserve a refund.
  18. Fun game, but get punished to play.
    So I love this game it’s great fun. I find my self paying the game silver coins to play rather then earning silver coins. Every fight I get charged 4800 silver for some kind of auto reload. This is new because I don’t remember it when I first started playing. I have experimented with so many different methods of game play and regardless of how I play I always get charged 4800 silver and that in combination with my other “expenses” I end up losing silver after every game. I don’t understand. Hopefully they read this review and fix or explain.
  19. Not happy
    When are you people going to contact me it’s been 4 days and this game still does not work on iPhone X I delete it multiple times a day your link below is how I made my contact and still no email
  20. Best Dog Fight Game Out
    Really fun game. Good controls and graphics. Can be hard at times but the challenge makes it more enjoyable


What`s new

- Elimination Mode Event
- Silver can be spent to reduce respawn time
- Summer Festival
- New planes join the battle
- Interface Optimization
- Bug fix, other system optimization