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  1. Great game, annoying glitch.
    I absolutely adore this game, but I'm unable to get credit for killing the final boss, i get the 100% achievement, but am unable to get the full prism and the achievement following it, the game crashes after the cutscene.
  2. Nostalgic RPG.
    Game is great but won't let me gain achievement on last boss for defeating all the colors. "Red" is missing. Unfortunate.
  3. Great!
    Absolutely amazing game, I highly recommend it!!!
  4. More please!
    It was clear from the start that this was a finite game, but I loved the art style and game play. I want to keep going. I've seen some development for the non-mobile game where there is interaction with Beach City characters, and side quests. It just felt like, for the price, there should be more. Please develops more for the mobile game.
  5. Fantastic
    I love the show and I love this game. It's intuitive and a great balance of easy but challenging if you decide to be an optimization nut. This is the only RPG I've ever 100% completed.
  6. Great but some small bugs.
    I love the game, though sometimes when I am fighting the giant scorpion, it glitches out and closes the app when I am close to defeating it. Other than that little bug I find the game really great.
  7. I love it
    I love it. It's so worth it! Get it when it first came out it was free! It's my favorite game
  8. Just Bad
    It is a bad MMO and it has no story like the show
  9. Adorable, challenging and fun
    This game is perfect for fans and non-fans alike. The storyline is simple and gameplay is easy to pick up. The puzzles can be challenging but it is always a delight to play. Recommend!
  10. Save game state
    Not sure why it does not save the game state on my iPhone 6s but does on iPad pro. If I leave the app for a bit I have to start the level over.
  11. Is good
    This game is great I love it because... if I'm honest I REALLY don't like RPG's. I don't like not being able to dodge the attack. Before this, the only RPG I liked was undertake because you actually PLAY the game. Not sit there and wait for the enemy to kill you! But then there's this... you can block attacks. Have a lot of options to attack with, and overall a great level up system and everything! I loved this game! P.S a tip for the final boss is (this may take a liiiiittle longer) but you can keep all the gems bubbled at all times and not have to worry! :P
    I love this game. I can't put it down. I wish it was longer. The best app game I have ever played.
  13. Pretty Good
    The art and music for this game is amazing but I have some issues with the gameplay. Easy mode is too easy and diamond mode is too hard and can get pretty tedious. The instructions and tutorials for both modes are the same but they have slightly different game mechanics, I seriously thought I was losing my mind until I switched to the easier mode where the instructions made more sense. The characters could be more balanced too, find myself using garnet 95% because she's the most effective. It's pretty fun tho. I only find myself playing for like 5 hour sessions like a console game but i don't play very often.
  14. 5/5
    This game overall is great just like the show itself! It's a easy to understand and not frustrating RPG. The attacks are very easy to master. Leveling up gives you a choice for a new move or character upgrade. But I would like to see this be updated with save the light.
  15. GREAT...but
    The game by itself is great the only problem with mine is that there is the level when you fight yourselfs every time I fight that i lose because of a glitch plz fix
  16. Incredible
    The graphics are A+, the story line A++
    This game is pretty fun for being as basic as it is. Can't wait for Save the Light to release
  18. Amazing Game
    I love Steven universe and I love this game, I think you guys did an amazing job with this game and I hope u are gonna make a new Steven universe game because although it is really fun, it is very short. But awesome game 10/10 I would play diamond mode again
  19. Awesome!
    I mean, it is really cool. Fighting light monsters itself is epic. This game is full of heartwarming adventures and such. Thumbs up, I recommend you buy it. It is sooo worth the money.
  20. Fun but I need more!
    Such a fun cute game I just wish they'd add more!


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