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  1. Just Keeps Crashing
    It repeatedly crashes when I try to play beyond the first quest. Fun game but it seems like I wasted my money until an update somehow fixes it.
  2. For CartoonNetwork
    You should make a Finn and jake app with all the games like you did with reg show
  3. Best game everrrrrr
    I wish I could play this alllll the time
  4. Bugged,Glitches, and waste of a $3.00 money
    When I bought the game it was cool and great but when it's played it crashes on me every single time That I have to go back in and restart I want my money back...
  5. Great Time Killer/Addicting!!
    I bought this game for my 3 yr and and he loves it! (He even plays on difficult) He Looooooooooves ❤️❤️❤️❤️The farting effects, the characters and the animation. It's for him but I get addicted to playing it until he says "MY TURN" and takes it back! Overall great game! Totally worth it, wish all their games were like this one.
  6. Best Animated Game EVER!
    This game works perfectly every single time I play it. The graphics are mind blowing, and the challenges are really well suited for the difficulty of the level. I absolutely this game.
    When I got the game was AWESOME but now it just glitches out and goes to the home screen. I bought a bundle and that was one of the games. So see the reviews
  8. 0 percent dumb muffin 100 percent math
    I just beat the game it is so math but the final boss is so man you got to be fast to kill him because he is... Wait I will not tell you ooooh I got a hint for you remember his fire pattern butt there is a bad part I want more portals, bosses, and most of all I WANT TO PLAY AS JAKE!!!!!!!!
    I just downloaded the game and every time I try playing it, the game crashes. I don't know if it's a bug or a glitch but please do what you can to fix it.
  10. Math
    This game is the best. I could play it forever. I love Adventure time so this is awesome. I love it
    I wish I could give this game 100 stars! ITS MY FAVORITE GAME
  12. READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
    I LOVE THIS GAME, it is a dream to me, it is really funny when you are on CRAZY, kill a bear. I like it when LSP say's“ Horrible, Hey Girl, What's for dinner, Cook me some dinner, snap's”and the noisy banana guard ha ha ha. The annoying part is when I die and get hit aaand when I run into Jelly cubs. When you die press Jake then he will fart. GREAT GAME buy it!!!!
  13. Waste of money
    I thought it would be good, but no. Waste of money! I want it back you idiots!
  14. Crashes
    Won't work not worth the $2.99! Don't buy this!!
  15. Great Game But...
    I love this game to death ! I've been on Quest 8 for a awhile now because it keeps kicking me off the game !!! Please fix it . I want to play without bugs !!! So please try to fix the bugs !
  16. Cute but Crashes
    This game is so awesome and the animations are really cute but it keeps crashing and it is really annoying. Please fix this problem soon so I can keep on playing!
  17. Should be free
    Just another typical runner game. Total waste of money.
  18. Wow there goes my cash
    You guys need to (bleep)in write you need ios 7 because I just spent 2.99 on this when I could've bout bio shock like jesus.
  19. All I ever wanted, and more!!!
    This game is definitely worth every penny! It has a bunch of familiar faces and even a new character, The Time Totem! The only thing is that I felt the game's ending wasn't very satisfying but overall great story, great graphics, great gameplay. If you love Adventure Time, this is the game for you!
  20. Awesome I love it!
    Great game. Will crash a few times but then it rarely crashes it's a great game a billion stars if I could! I really recommend it!


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