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  1. Fyi awsome
    This game is so much fun hope you like it this is the owner of vector unit
  2. Update please!
    Love this game! It's so simple yet fun to try to make more. Make some updates and I believe it could be very appealing to a lot of people. Adding things to help get better pricing, upgrading airboats, avoiding police, etc. lots of potential to make this good game great.
  3. Out of Control
    Bought this game for Goji Play. It is unplayable because it steers everywhere and can't be controlled. Even with just the IPad it doesn't control. Sensitivity doesn't help. Dissatisfied with this recommended Goji game.
  4. Good game but could be great with a couple updates
    First off this is a good fun game and defiantly worth buying! But this game could be soo much better if u add upgrades for ur boat n choices of other boats u could buy n also larger cargo holds and make the swamp bigger with other places that u have to earn n unlock to get to them. That's just my opinion to the developers for making the game longer n better cuz I've already achieved all the achievements and I've only been playing it since yesterday. Pleas make some updates with more challenges please!
  5. Awesome game
    There need to be a moonshine game where u can make ur still and build ur trucks and run shine without getting caught
  6. I *WAS* excited, but no speed control
    Game was lookin' good, and I was eagerly trying it out. WHY would you craft a game like this w/o accelerator nor braking? With either of these its easily 4-5 Stars. =^( Just add touch or tilt or accelerometer controls for some way to add that normal game element, SPEED CONTROL, and I'll be back here with an A+ rating for Shine Runner.
  7. dumb
    this is a useless game and a waste of money i wont be buying from this company ! can i have my money back ?
  8. Shine runner
    Great steers just like real thing needs levels or more trails please :)
  9. SuperFun & SuperFunny!
    Wow! Great graphics, excellent responsive controls and funny voice acting, this game has it all! One of the funnest games in the App Store!
  10. I love it.
    It's a great metaphor for the stock market.
  11. great game
    fun but needs expanded unfortunately it gets repetitive very quickly just trying to beat a score on the same few environments pleas offer expansion packs. still a five star game for the price
  12. Waste
    I love their "Riptide" game. I had high hopes. I played "Shinerunner" for 15 minutes and immediately deleted the game. A waste of money. I won't trust this developer without extensive research.
  13. great game! needs a sequel!
    update with new options or a sequel please!
  14. YEE HAAAW !
    This game is a kick! Nice change of pace, easy controls, fantastic graphics. I get bored with most games except for high quality simulation apps. This one makes ya laugh and the buy/sell your cargo economic model even makes me laugh. Well worth $.99 !!!
  15. Addictive
    This game is addictive!!! I play it more than any other game on my phone. Very fun!!
  16. Love It
    I play this at least once through everyday and have since I got it a couple months ago. The controls are great (as someone else's an airboat!). It is much more fun to play on iPad than iPhone. I love the economic side to the game. My only complaints would be a)start out with more cash for bags on the early games, instead of just $2/$4, b) please add more courses (not really a complaint)
  17. Water and splash effects
    Please upgrade game to include water and splash effects for 4th gen iPad?
  18. Great game!
    Fun water racing lent longevity through the trading subgame. Humor is fantastic. For the sequel I would want a more predictable economic model.
  19. Good game
    Very good game. But I don't understand why There are no water splashes in my IPad 3? It has a 4 core GPU. I think it can handle it very well.
  20. Outstanding fu
    Like hydro thunder. Fun, hitting gators is a hoot. A review said controls were poor. Not so.... It's a air boat! They don't turn on a dime. Control feels like it should. Worth 99 cents!


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