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  1. My favorite app
    I’ve loved these types of puzzles in 3D, one this it true to the ones I’d hold in my hand. Highly recommended
  2. Super!
    Absolutely a really great puzzle. A wonderfully stimulating way to sit with my dogs. Only sad part is that I have finished them all. Would definitely purchase this app when more puzzles come around.
  3. Challenging
    And sometimes really hard, but I have finally figured them out. At first, they were so challenging I lost patience. But I have finally got the secret, or at least a way of working thru each puzzle. It may take me a while, but I don’t care about the score. It’s just an enjoyable and relaxing game. Nice graphics and movement. Thank you guys. When you get around to it, I could use some more. Though I’m not completely done with all the puzzles. I just wanted to put in my pleasure over this game. Nicely done. Candy
  4. Bert
    Thanks for an entertaining game. I like the new puzzles.
  5. Relaxing and mind opening
    This helped get my creative and problem solving juices flowing. Love it!
  6. Mind Game
    It helps me get ready for test and work!
  7. Challenging fun!
    mindya pramudita
    Finished all the levels and some were devilishly hard! Please add more because I'm addicted. Thanks!!! Well done!
  8. Love it
    So interestingly difficult puzzles!makes me wanna never leave my phone
  9. PolarPepsi Mom
    This game is amazing. I enjoyed the challenging puzzles.
  10. Really Good
    This game keeps challenging you with different types of puzzles so you don't get bored. It keeps surprising me every time. At the beginning I found it difficult to manage and move around, but quickly learned the flow of it. Well done app all around
  11. Great Game.
    Anyone not giving this game 5 stars should go back to playing solitaire. Absolutely awesome game. Thank you. Please make more, it was a pleasure playing.
  12. Very good
    Good app, i would even pay for more of the same.
  13. Nice
    Fun to do. A starry night or Galaxy level would be epic
  14. Game
    This is an awesome game! I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what comes out next!!
  15. Top Notch Puzzle
    I love this app! My som introduced me to this app and I was immediately hooked. The graphics are fantastic and the 3-D effects are wonderful. The puzzles were sufficiently hard yet I didn't need to skip any. My only complaint is I ran out of levels... more please!!!!
  16. Addicting
    I wish you could get a clue on what piece to move next. I don't want to be shown how to do the whole puzzle. I want to figure it out myself but some of them I needed a little help. Really fun and addicting.
  17. Amazing
    One of the best puzzle games around. Liked the 3D structure, functionality are very close to reality. Hoping there will be more levels in future.
  18. Thanks
    This was fun and challenging at times. Thanks for the game.
  19. This this good game
    Me me big boy Mmme me biiig boy Me me Big Boy??? This this good game
  20. Excellent and relaxing
    Best game to distract you at the end of a problem filled day


What`s new

* Added 9 new levels in a 5th puzzle package
* Minor bug & graphical updates
* Interlocked is now free!