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  1. What happened?!
    This game was working just fine before, and I loved it. Now, I can't even play because it won't connect to the server. At first I thought there was a problem with my internet connection but now I see I'm not the only one with the same problem. Please fix!!!!
    I love this app, I really really do, but OMG the number of bug fixes it needs are innumerable! Like honestly I keep getting this problem when I open the app where it won't load then starts contacting the server and saying error and stuff and it just won't stop. Before that I had this problem where I'd open the app and then it would just crash. Please fix these things!
  3. Crashed!
    Every time I try to open the app it says "Error connecting to server. Please try again later." I've deleted the app and re-downloaded it and shut down my phone, but it still doesn't work! Please fix this!
    I would not know cuss it says It can't connect to the server!! Fix it or I'll sue your company. Have a great day:)
  5. TERABLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can nerves get into the game it pops up a sign that says that they can't contract thier server SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Horrible!
    This game is horrible. The game won't even load at all.
  7. Annoying!!
    I've tried countless times to start this game, and EVERY single time it says 'contacting server' and then gives an error message saying to try again later. FIX THIS!
  8. Ugh......
    I can't even get it started! So annoying and I really wanted this game. ):
  9. Help
    I have been having trouble getting my game to open I still have money that I paid for gold cards and I can't get on the game for a long time now. Please help
  10. Doesn't work
    Error trying to contact server please try again later message for a long time now. And they don't have a way to contact support on their site all they have is a faq page and this game isn't on the faq page.
  11. Me encanta
    Por fa vor me pueden ayudar con mi juego fashion star desin no puedo conectarme con el servidor estoy a punto de borarr este
  12. Can't get it started
    I jut downloaded this app but it won't open it keeps saying error and to try again. I've deleted it and reinstalled it but it still has the same problem and I would love to play this game... Please fix the problem that the game is having
  13. I don't know.......
    I don't know if it's my wifi but i just got this game and every time I try to get into it it says that it can't contact it's servers so right now I don't recommend it but like I said I don't know if it's my wifi but my device says my wife's on so if this isn't my wifi please fix this soon because this looks like a good app but how would I know I haven't gotten into it yet exactly my point!
  14. Can't get the game to load
    Keeps saying connecting to server, then it never connects.
  15. Blah
    I've played before on my iPhone 5 but now I have the 6 and it won't let me in the game fix this
  16. Frustrating
    Whenever I try to start up the game it constantly try's to load and then give me a message saying that there was an error. I might give this a better review if I could actually play the game...
  17. Great app
    I love this app, but sometimes it crashes and deletes all my progress from the most recent time I played. Please fix!!! I love the app and I hope it doesn't get worse... One thing I would fix other than all the bugs is their clothes. They need more clothes on. Camille's skirt's slit is all the way up to her hip. Does anybody else think that is bad? Especially for all the little girls playing it?
  18. Great Game it's Just that
    I think we should be able to to dress them up make them outfits & sell in our boutique to have more money, be able to have boyfriends & make it more a designer life!
  19. It's fine
    I like designing the stuff but u can't sell ur clothes I can put them in my boutiqe but I can't sell them and almost everything cost gift cards
  20. Does not work
    Finished the first design and it is telling to tap "collect my reward." I have tapped all over the whole screen and nothing happened. The game is frozen. I have closed it and them reopened, uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted my phone and nothing works. I would give it zero stars if I could. Piece of game!!!!!


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