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What`s new

Note: There are so many changes, you will not be able to use your old save files if you update.

--More polished graphics, including larger font, smoothed terrain textures, new backgrounds and icons.
--You now see a question mark icon on the screen at any point where you can interact with a person or object. It's your choice to tap on it or not.
--Create Your Character scene redone.
--Resistance Hideout and Dynamite Mines have been redone.
--Damage to opponent notifications improved.
--New teleporter in the temple.
--New items added to find or buy--new weapons, new spell, new armor, books and traps.
--Some opponents are harder.
--Two new quests added--Guide to Other Dimensions from Mage Gemineye in Spider Wood and Match the Scrolls from Beazly Sidwax in the Pits.
--Other new non-player characters added to interact with--Andy and his faithful dogs in the Resistance Hideout.
--Dialogues now show quest rewards after completing a quest and battle gains after finishing a battle.
--Battle changed slightly--you now have a team of three undead spirits to help you fight in addition to Root--tap the hotbar icon to use their different attacks and your own attack. You can level up the damage they do as you gain experience.
--Single inventory for the player.
--New Sword and Shield.
--Although Omber is meant to be played in landscape mode--it looks better now if you choose to play in portrait mode.
--Minor bugfixes.