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  1. Great!
    It has a good story, and very well balanced game.
  2. Fun
    I liked it. Lots of fun and good replay
  3. Multiplayer doesn't work
    Multiplayer will not work on any devices. A few days ago it could, but now it just says "connection lost to game server" on my phone and iPad
  4. By EC Castle lover
    I LOVE THIS GAME! I just love it, the graphics are cool and the troops and projectiles! But I have a problem. Sometimes when I login, it shows a black screen. It doesn't go to the beginning setting. But I still love this game!
  5. Please update for iOS11.
    Game keeps crashing on my iPhone X.
  6. Good game
    This game is rly enjoyable but still has some problems me stay with the progression system
  7. Fun to pass the time
    Simple fun, not worried about a game that gets too in depth with complexity
  8. Endless fun!
    Just like the Version on the Xbox but mobile. I enjoy the game quite a bit
  9. Pretty fun
    Overall I enjoy it a lot and pretty fun
  10. It's fun
    The game is a lot of fun and I'm only taking off a star because they are too aggressive with their pop ups to buy crap. I know they want you to pay $2 to remove the ads. I don't think it's worth it and if I'm playing a free game I'm not going to pay money for it.
  11. Great game
    I like this a lot. I haven't found a good time waster in a while but this counts. Great game all round
  12. Do you guys still update the game?
    The game is undoubtedly fun and amazing with its 2D and 3D like graphics plus the angry bird like mechanics. Can you guys update to fix the game's save database bugs and add a cloud save or something, thanks;)
  13. Broken because ads
    Every single time I try to use a skill an ad pops up and cancels the skill. Every. Single. Time. That renders the game pretty much unplayable.
  14. It is awesome
    The game is great I love playing the game .
  15. Pretty fun, at least to me!!
    It's a good way to kill time and see if you can get a good score and then a get better score then before.
  16. Fun and enjoyable until...?
    Can't believe I just found this since I play a ton of iOS games on my phone being a college student (don't tell the professor or he'll know my dog didn't actually eat my paper ) but I'm definitely glad I found it, better late than never. For the until part.... welp I see some reviews of how people lost all there saved progress by a "corrupted file" which makes me hesitant to even play at all much less put time into it in most part probably due to it being an older game and, I would have to guess, won't get any updates ever again sooooo.... idk if I run into that issue I'll re-review but until then it's fun I just wouldn't get too hooked if I was you
  17. Awesome game must play
    This is a awesome totally fun and everything about the game is awesome.
  18. Fun game
    Decent free-to-play, still getting the hang of the strategy; controls do bog down a little but not bad
  19. Played this on the PS Vita
    This game on the PS vita was so good it made me want to buy one. I'm so glad it's available on the iPhone too. And it's free!
  20. Simple fun
    Good time waster. Something you can bring up for a quick round.


What`s new

Replay - Learn and Adapt!
From now on, you'll be able to learn new tricks from your enemies or simply oversee your troop behavior with the help of the battle replays.

Promotional packages - Various options to expand your gameplay experience
• Booster - Get a bunch of Boosters to make your troop's life easier!
• Starter - Unlock and level up essential equipment pieces and make your way to the end of the campaign!
• Hero - Unlock the fiercest heroes in the CastleStorm universe!
• Pro - Upgrade your empire to PRO and beat your enemies in ferocious castle-on-castle PVP battles!
• Ultimate - Remove all unlocks from the game and savor the unmitigated CastleStorm experience!