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Revenues 30 Days


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  1. Snoozer
    This one is dull. 2 spells for fighting. A map spell and reduce monster spell. 2 fighting options. Empty mazes except the occasional chest, which only contains gold and either a relic piece or 1 of 5 map spells or vials. Thats it. The formula on how to play is figured out in 15 minutes, then it is all repetitive with no excitement of discovery or any variety at all. Wanted to like this. I like he concept, but much much too little here for enjoyment.
  2. Great!
    This game is very addictive and fun. I love the idea that you can upgrade the town so your next adventurer will be more powerful.
  3. SOLID
    Great new take on dungeon crawlers. The only problem with the game is the loading time.


What`s new

* Bug fix for issue on level 16
* You can now destroy altars