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  1. Thank you eAngel proofreading app!
    you made my life much easier now. Great idea.
  2. Found a nice tool for grammar and proofreading check
    Prices are reasonable, and I fully recommend
  3. Good job!
    Really like the app, especially the 'learn from others' part!
  4. Finally proofreading was done right..
    Well, nothing more to say. That's the proofreading app I was looking for. It made my Dyslexia bearable
  5. Useful app
    This grammar tool helped me to be able to send emails to my university colleagues even when I'm not a native english speaker
  6. This is a paid service
    They may be good but I submitted a text message for proofing and they says it was too long for a free proofing and wanted me to sign up an pay them. I suspect all the good ratings are a scam.
  7. Always loved it the app
    wonderful the app so nice and Pretty cool, what you'd expect I guess 5 stars
  8. That's a useful proofreading app for sure
    Just found this proofreading app, and that's exactly what I was looking for
  9. good proofreading tool
    Few months ago I thought that exactly this kind of app should be.. Now I found it. well done!
  10. Great app
    This app helps me check grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in my emails and texts. Therefore I feel more confident when sending them to others.
  11. Good app
    This is great app for my job. I can send my projects for my boss and friends by my phone. It is addition, this app has a beautiful and simple design.I love this app❤️❤️ It's really easy to use and have had no problems with it. Thank you producer.
  12. Wow supper! eAngel proof reading
    It is a professional text reading app for iPhone. Really very nice app for us. 100% text proof reading app so very useful app. I can read my text message, emails & etc. very quick read all texts within one second. Super app.
  13. Great app
    Just as what the writers put forth about this application, I had a complete presentation after using this application, which changed the way I moved, a new opportunity. The application works very well, thanks for the author's build, I appreciate that.
  14. So cool app
    A professional level of writing cannot simply be achieved with an automated spelling or grammar checker. No matter how advanced automated software has become, like Ginger and Grammarly, it still cannot replace the human brain. At each text is corrected personally by one of our language experts.
  15. Great app!
    An app with an excellent team of professionals who quickly correct grammar and punctuation
  16. Fav
    I love ya'll s/o to y'all fr fr ilysm thank u for everything so much!!!!!
  17. Good
    It's perfect app you should try it !!!
  18. Poor Grammar
    This app is has misused the word free. The app is not free. Imagine an app misleading the public. Why would apple ever allow this practice to continue? If I could give the app a zero, I would.
  19. Excellent app!
    "Does exactly what it says on the tin!"
  20. Love it so far
    It's a very easy app to use and I usually get a response back within 15 minutes with the corrected work. Thanks!


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